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Voici le Printemps, third solo exhibition at Juan Silió Gallery, shows the most recent production, titled Hábitat, 2018-2020.

Working in a research about both concepts fragment and recontextualisation, del Campo use the collage as a main element in her works, articulating it with drawing and painting. The result is an image direct and clear that moves between abstraction and figuration.

In the process of work, the fragment is decontextualized through a Extreme Close-Up view. Once insolated from its environment it turns to be a new anonymous image more close to the abstraction, getting a new identity. Once in the final work, it becomes part of a new fictional reality, contextualized now in a new entity.

Working on paper, sculptures of wood, alabaster plate or expanding it through the wall of the exhibition place, she works with irregular forms as a way to explore balance and permanent movement.

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